This 600HP Golf MK2 TFSI-R Is A Real Hillclimb Master 1

Taking your car and pushing it to the upmost limit is something that many people do. They often take their cars and modify every single part that could have been modified in the first place. Eventually, this is going to result in a machine that no one has seen before, a machine that is capable of tackling every obstacle that it faces. This is something that the creators of this hillclimb master had in mind when they began to work on their mighty Golf MK2. One thing is for sure, this car is extremely fast.

This 600HP Golf MK2 TFSI-R Is A Real Hillclimb Master 2

In fact, this little monster is capable of making up to 600 HP, which was enable all thanks to the great engine swap. Namely, they installed the gorgeous 2.0L TFSI engine. At first glance, some of you might not recognize this car as being the Golf MK2, but all of this was enabled by the great job that this team did.

The best part about it is watching it in action. This hillclimb master is capable of tackling every difficulty and obstacle that it comes against. We can even compare it to some of the best rally cars of today and it will still manage to handle just fine, even they are brand new.

Listening to that 2.0L TFSI engine as it revs up and in the middle of the action is something that every car lover would want to hear whatsoever.

It seems that nothing can get better than this amazing Golf MK2!