Take a look at these expensive abandoned cars in Dubai 1

Despite all the turbulences and bad things that have been going on the Far East, there are also some countries that are enjoying their lives to the maximum. This is most certainly true for Dubai. It is the place where people seem to be driving the most expensive of cars and own the most glorious of pets. To prove you that at times they have so many cars and money, that they do not even care about some of them. Hereby, we take a look at these extremely expensive abandoned cars that can only be seen in Dubai.

Take a look at these expensive abandoned cars in Dubai 11

You will be shocked once you see the condition of these cars. Some of these glorious machines cannot be seen driving around your neighbor, whereas in Dubai it is a common thing to own and to forget something like this.

The number of cars is absolutely massive and there are even whole parking lots with cars that have not been moved for a long time.

On the list of super expensive abandoned cars you are going to find the likes of a black Bugatti, a super rare Ferrari, the latest Lamborghini and a very luxurious Audi. But the list does not stop here.

These two minutes long video might just provoke the feeling of sadness to many of you; hence we dream of owning all of these cars whereas some simply let them to rust. If you are willing to take a look at a parking lot filled with expensive cars, Dubai is the place for that!