This Guy Destroyed His Lamborghini Huracan Driving It In The Mud 1

People seem to be doing all kinds of tests with their cars and trucks. They would want to see what their limits really are, and often some of the things that they do have some sorts of consequences to their cars. This is exactly what we see in this video when the owner of this gorgeous Lamborghini Huracan decided to take it out for a test drive in the mud. Things did not turn out to be as he had expected and he had to take it out to the mechanic where a huge problem was discovered, a problem that destroyed his Lamborghini Huracan.

This Guy Destroyed His Lamborghini Huracan Driving It In The Mud 2

When he took the rear wheel off, he got the shock that he never wanted to see. There were many chunks of dirt that have absolutely filled every hole under there. The vents could not have been seen under the dirt and this is where things got really serious for the Lamborghini.

They even took out the cover as so they could easily remove every little bit from it. However, the damage had been already caused and even though couple of hours later the car looked pretty clean, the problem was something way more serious.

Dirt just kept coming out of everywhere and he took the car to some professionals to clean it, he realized that he had completely destroyed his expensive Lamborghini Huracan.

It is just not worth it. So, if you want to keep your Lamborghini safe, make sure you do not drive it in the mud!