Engine Brake With A Manual Transmission 1

Being new in the car world, there are many things that you need to learn and to know about the way certain cars work and operate. There have been many amazing videos that we have been through over the years which explained to us everything we need to know about cars, and this video is one of them. If you are a manual transmission owner, then you must know what engine break really is. For those of you who do not know, this manual transmission feature is thoroughly explained in the video to the very last detail.

Engine Brake With A Manual Transmission 2

After going through the basic concept of an engine break and the way it works, our favorite host from Engineering Explained takes us through the exact way it works. There is a detailed explanation and the RPM of the engine are given for you to easily understand what is actually going on.

However, the real question is should you really perform this manual transmission feature? Well, there is a big difference between up-shifting and down-shifting. If you perform up-shifts, it has been proven that no major harm is going to be caused to your car, whereas on the other hand, performing a down-shift might lead to some serious damage.

Namely, if you engine break, you might actually do something good for your car, such as spending less fuel due to the fact that you are keeping your foot away from the gas pedal. Check the video for some extra context!