When Difficult Customers Refuse To Pay 1

Every startup tends to have its struggles. Many of these problems start with money. Beside from your execution and entrepreneurial vision, finance is the largest factor when it comes to business survival. This is especially true for young companies. However, even with discipline and forecasting, it is nearly impossible to predict everything. One of these problems is when difficult customers refuse to pay for your product or service.

When Difficult Customers Refuse To Pay 2

That said, what can you possible do when difficult customers refuse to pay? Now, in this video you’ll see some solutions that various entrepreneurs prefer to execute when customers refuse to pay. However, bear in mind that we don’t recommend executing such activities in those scenarios. There are probably many other alternatives when it comes to dealing with unfair and difficult customers. Nevertheless, we decided to share this video with you for entertaining purposes first and foremost.

What you’ll see in the video below is business owners dealing with difficult customers that refuse to pay for their services in the most extreme and brutal way. It’s a video consisting of two clips showcasing two brutal ways of dealing with unfair customers. In the first clip you’ll see a towing company retrieving the car because the customer refused to pay.

The towing truck casually arrives in front of the customer’s home and takes the car. In the second clip, you’ll see something way more extreme. One customer decided not to pay the garbage company. This resulted in the garbage company dumping all that garbage back in the unsatisfied customer’s lawn.

Now, as we said, we don’t particularly agree with this kind of action, but someone had to teach these customers who were trying to knock honest decent tradesman a lesson.

At last, here is a tip on how to handle customer complaints!