Parking Justice Blocked Driveway 2

Honest to God, if there was any possibility I would be the first one to propose a new subject to every school in this country – Traffic ethics! Kids from young age would learn it, high school students and maybe even students at University if it is needed! If we all knew the basics of traffic ethics, no one would be in the position to seek for parking justice after a tough day! Actually, the day does not even have to be tough, why letting some prick getting on your nerves?!

Parking Justice Blocked Driveway 1

Oh, if we only count the times when you were tired, exhausted, had a huge fight with your partner, your team lost and now you have to deal with some idiot that blocked your path to your driveway! Well, that’s exactly what this person experienced after he got in that kind of situation.

He could not approach his driver because of a car blocking it. Like every other person, he approached the vehicle and started looking for any unlocked door so he could move the car himself. However, that went without any luck as the car was completely locked.

So, next, the guy pulled out some chains out of his vehicle, attached them to the wrongly parked car and started towing. He towed the car as it was no longer blocking his driveway.

He then parked his vehicle in front of his garage as later on, the police came and did the rest of the parking justice. Anyway, you can see the whole thing by watching the video below.

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