Chained Cars vs Big Ramp 1

Some people are born to have fun and they constantly come up with different ways that you could do that and make everyone feel cheerful. We have been through many videos where people have done some of the most incredible and unique tests, but it seems that new ideas are never-ending. On daily basis we come across brilliant videos and this is why we take a look at these chained cars which take on a ramp. But do not worry, this is just an animation and no actual and real cars were destroyed during the making off.

Chained Cars vs Big Ramp 2

Yes indeed, we have seen some similar videos before where all it took to make something awesome was an idea and a little bit of effort. In no time you are going to make something unique. This guy wanted to see what is going to happen if two exact models of cars are chained together at the rear end and then jump off the ramp.

The results are absolutely hilarious and all we can say is that we are all happy that this is just an animation. Jump after jump, the different types of vehicles end up in some of the most glorious crashes that we have seen.

They fly all over the area and are shattering to many pieces. The video is 10 minutes long which is more than enough to have some awesome time.

The best part about it is watching the chained cars breaking apart in slow motion. It looks so cool!

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