remove rust from chrome

There are thousands and thousands of tutorials you can check online. But have you ever wondered how many of them are actually useful and will help you? Probably when you think carefully, not many as you would expect. Well, on this occasion we check out something that will come in handy, especially if you work with chrome. It can be a real struggle to remove rust from a chrome-plated surface, but we have the best way to do it. Follow these steps and in no time your chrome will shine once again. The first and probably the easiest method is with using aluminum foil. Simply clean the chrome carefully, dip the aluminum foil in water and scrub the surface. Wipe it every now and then and with a little bit effort, the chrome will shine as brand new. Make sure to completely dry the chrome!

remove rust from chrome 1

The next method is by using some sort of a mild acid. This can be found around your household. You can use Cola, lime juice or something similar. Just make sure not to any stronger acid. Take a sponge, apply some of the mild acid and carefully scrub the surface. If necessary, you can repeat this process for couple of times until clean. Finally, rinse off everything with safe soap and you are ready to go. The last method to remove rust is by using oil or chrome polish. If you want to save money, use oil, but you can also purchase a chrome polish for best effect. The instructions are easy to follow and you will be surprised at how big of a difference it makes. You should always look for alternative solutions; hence chrome-plating is really expensive. That little bit of rust will not cause any more damage!

Finally, make sure to check out this link to see how the chrome-plating process looks like!