easy guide clean seats

There are a vast number of useful tutorials online that you can check out according to your needs. People share their ideas and thoughts based on the way they do certain things. This is exactly why checking out every single one of them is a neat idea. Hereby, we might just have the thing you are looking for. Every car seat can get and will get dirty as time flies, especially if you use your car on daily basis. All you have to do to have extremely clean seats if to follow this guide. There is couple of things that you are going to need to get first. Some dish soap, washing soda, two cups of hot water and something to mix it in. This is going to be your cleaning mixture. In order to get best results get yourself a quality cleaning brush and a clean towel.

Now you are ready to go. Take your vacuum cleaner and quickly vacuum any loose dirt on the seats. Be gentle as to not damage the fabric. After doing so, get your bowl and start mixing the ingredients. Take your brush and dip it in the solution. Now you are going to have to work over your seats in a circular motion. If the brush gets too dry, dip it in the solution over and over again. You are nearly done but there is something else you need to do. Take your towel and wipe away the seats. In no time and without much effort you are going to have extremely clean seats. Plus, you have just saved yourself some money. The last step is optional. Namely, if you want to be sure that the seats are as fresh as they can get, vacuum clean them once again!

easy guide clean seats 2

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