Robbie Maddison Drop InTheSki Jumping Ramp With His Dirt Bike 1

If you grew up in a time when Evel Knievel meant everything to you and you used to watch every single one of his daring stunts, then you must surely know what real intensity means. Even though many have tried to become as successful as him, only few have managed to come near him. However, the world of stunting has recently seen and recognized the talent of Robbie Madison based on this dangerous jump that he managed to pull out. The risk of doing it is surely massive and we have seen many people fairling hard during the performance.

Robbie Maddison Drop InTheSki Jumping Ramp With His Dirt Bike 11

However, Robbie was determined enough that nothing can stop him or stand on his way, though he was utterly aware of the thing that he was about to do and the consequences that could have happened.

But once you are up there and you take a look back at all the things that you have been through and managed to encounter, you get a burst of adrenalin and the sky is your only limit. He performed this jump at the Utah Olympic Park in Park City, Utah at a launch speed of 71mp/h.

Robbie managed to jump 374ft with a vertical drop of 185ft which in fact was a world record. Not only he managed to pull this dangerous jump out, but he also managed to set a brand new world record, record that is going to be really difficult to overachieve.

Robbie teamed up with Skullcandy and Red Bull to make this possible!