Musical Bug That Headbangs To Metal 1

A very old video has just recently resurfaced on the internet and is going viral again for two reasons. The first reason is because the internet can be a very strange place and the second reason is, well, this video really rocks, literally. This viral video showcases some kind of a musical bug enjoying metal music that is rocking out of earphones. It looks like the human kind is not the only one that likes to headbangs to loud metal music.

This Musical Bug Is The Smallest HC Metal Fan Ever 11

It looks like this musical bug is enjoying metal music way more than some other metal fans. How come is that? That is the real question we first thought of when we stumbled upon this video. Before this guy shared his earphones with the bug he found, we guess he expected to get some kind of a laugh at least.

However, he was completely stunned when he noticed the bug actually headbanging to the music. The musical bug really reacts to it you can notice it lifting its antennae before banging its small head together with the music. Now, we’ve seen other living creatures liking metal. However, who knew insects also had a passion for this type of music?

This video was first featured on FB through a page named Guttural Extreme. The popularity it received completely exceeded this guy’s expectations as it completely went viral amassing over 6M views.

We wonder though, what can you really find in this bug’s music collection? The bug somehow seems like a Slayer guy.

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