Su 57 Stealth Fighter 11

No matter how technically advanced one sector might be, it seems that the military is the one who always has the latest piece of technology in their hands. We can surely say that this is definitely true and once you take a look at this video, things are going to get much clearer for you. Namely, Russia has just begun testing its latest piece of ingenuity, the one and only Su 57 stealth fighter. One thing is for sure, the jet looks absolutely stunning and absolutely frightening. However, there is one major drawback on the whole project.

Su 57 Stealth Fighter 2

Namely, the Su-57 stealth fighter is powered up by the help of the mighty and brand new Izdelie-30 engine. But, everything would have been just perfect until the years when this jet is going to go in serial production. The engine itself is not going to be ready until the year of 2025, whereas the serial production of the jet is scheduled for the year of 2027.

Despite other problems, it is speculated that the biggest trouble that the Russian military is facing with the production of this jet is the budget.

However, when it comes to the power of the engine itself, the Izdelie-30 is going to provide the Su 57 stealth fighter with massive 32,500lb per each.

Keep in mind that there are going to be two such engines in the jet. What do you think, is this fighter jet going to become the future in the Russian air force?

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