Unreal Footage Attempted Hijacking 1

We live in a time where many strange and dangerous things are happening and literally no one is safe. People have always searched for the best ways to keep their homes safe, such as tall gates, security cameras and so on, but even that is not enough. Thieves and hijackers are constantly in a search for their next victim no matter what and this video surely captures this moment. You will not believe in this unreal footage where two hijackers wanted to kidnap this woman, but something else happened.

Unreal Footage Attempted Hijacking 2

Namely, the woman arrived in from of her home in the white Range Rover and stopped in front of the gate hence she waited it to open. Soon after, she noticed a Mercedes approaching from the distance and she immediately knew that something was wrong.

The car was driving ridiculously fast and it stopped in front of her. At the same moment as the two hijackers got out of the car, the woman got inside the Range Rover and her husband pushed the throttle to the max.

They drove in the opposite direction, thus confusing the hijackers. They did not know what to do and entered in the car and went right after her. We do not know what had happened next, but we all hope that both of her husband and her were just all right.

This unreal footage surely does prove you why absolutely no one is safe and why we should always be precautious and careful no matter what!

At last, did you know that one car gets hijacked every 32 minutes?