Maintenance Matters 3 Reasons Why Your Truck Needs Regular Oil Changes 2

Ignoring an oil change will destroy the inner workings of a truck. Think of a regular oil change as a mandatory requirement to keep vehicles running smoothly. The recommended requirements are different for each vehicle, with diesel having a lot more mileage. When you are unsure about the importance of maintenance, go over these three top reasons for the oil changes. They will serve as a big help in avoiding emergency diesel truck repair.

Maintenance Matters 3 Reasons Why Your Truck Needs Regular Oil Changes 3

Gas Mileage Is Improved

The easiest way to improve gas mileage is by getting a regular oil change. For trucks that are notorious for bad gas mileage, this is a big deal. The weight of haulage significantly increases the amount of gas a truck uses per mile.

Poor engine lubrication adds an additional variable that forces a vehicle to work harder than it normally would. The extra fuel consumption can be avoided by getting an oil change, and can also improve overall consumption by a small percentage.

It’s a small bonus that adds up over time when you’re putting a lot of miles on a car or truck. And for trucks making trips year-round, several gallons of gas can be saved by getting regular oil changes.

Keeps Engine Components Running Smoothly

Oil lubricates vital moving parts in the engine like the valves and pistons. The high rate of speed that they move at would absolutely destroy an engine without oil. Even with oil, a lot of heat is generated when moving at any speed. So, imagine the type of wear and tear on an engine that lacked proper lubrication.

Over time, oil needs to be changed to maintain its level of effectiveness. The type of weight and grade needs to be compatible with whatever vehicle you’re driving. Using the wrong oil in a car will cause incredible damage to the engine and surrounding components.

Depending on the type of climate you drive in, oil types may need to be swapped out to accommodate the temperature. That means winter oil changes will be completely different from summer ones.

Maintenance Matters 3 Reasons Why Your Truck Needs Regular Oil Changes 1

It Removes Harmful Contaminants In The Engine

Vehicle longevity is promoted by getting rid of sludge that collects in old oil. There are all kinds of incredibly thick and nasty particles that stick to old oil. This material is corrosive to an engine and will degrade it faster than you can repair if left unchecked.

When old oil sludge becomes too thick for the moving parts to handle, it isn’t uncommon to have a total engine failure. Leaving old oil in a truck is just as bad as running with no oil at all. They equally damage the engine in a way that is easily preventable.

Wrap Up

An oil change ensures a truck can operate at top efficiency without any unexpected breakdowns. Don’t waste money by getting lazy with vehicle maintenance.

The idea is to have an engine work smart, not hard. Find an experienced technician and get your oil maintained using an acceptable schedule.