Making Rims Easy 1

There are many awesome and amazing things that people are capable of making with simple objects and tools that they have around their house. Yes, we have had the chance to go through some of the most amazing inventions over the years but we do not plan on stopping here. Namely, if you have ever wondered how people are actually making rims, we have just the video for you. With the help of some simple objects that he managed to put together and make this simple machine that bends the metal with ease.

Making Rims Easy 2

Yes, it takes just some simple steps and in just matter of minutes, your brand new steel rim is going to be complete. So what is actually happening? Well, there is a steel round base and a big bolt onto which the straight piece of metal is attached.

Then there is a rotating arm with a handle that is rotating in the middle of the base plate. All you have to do now is to rotate the handle all the way round the straight piece of metal, which will cause the metal to bend.

The final and most important step is welding the two ends together, thus completely finishing this rim with absolute ease and some effort. Now you know how people are making rims without those fancy machines that manufacturers have in their factories.

All you need is the perfect inspiration and some household items to make your dream a reality in no time and without great effort!

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