Car Accident Repair The Steps to Take to Fix Up Your Vehicle 1

Did you know about 6 million car accidents happen in the United States every year? With such a high number, it’s safe to say no one is really safe when they get behind the wheel. Regardless of how careful you’re when driving, another reckless driver can easily ram into you. Of course, a car crash can have deadly consequences. It can leave you dead or severely injured, and smash your car into pieces. In this article, our focus is on your car. Does it need car accident repair? Continue reading to learn how to get your car fixed after an accident.

Car Accident Repair The Steps to Take to Fix Up Your Vehicle 2

Is It Repairable?

After an accident (thankfully you made out of it alive and unharmed), the first thing is to determine whether your car is repairable. A quick visual assessment is enough to give you a clear idea of the state of your car, but it’s your insurance company that will have the final word.

A car doesn’t have to be in total ruins to be declared unrepairable. In fact, it could still be in average shape, but if the total cost of repairing it will exceed or even come close to its current market value, then repairing it won’t make financial sense.

So, if your car has the right auto insurance policy, you need to call your agent or company. An adjuster will assess the car and make a recommendation. If it’s totaled, don’t bother repairing the car. Your insurer will replace it.

But what if the insurance option is out and the car isn’t a total wreck?

Find a Mech Shop That Specializes in Car Accident Repair

Not every auto garage has the expertise to repair a car that’s been in a major accident. You need a garage that specializes in car accident repair, like Superior Collision Center LLC.

You see, a major crash can leave your ride in pretty bad shape. Besides wrecking the body, it can twist the wheel axles, bend the chassis and whatnot. Only a mech who knows what a crash can do to a vehicle is in a position to give your ride the service it needs to get back on the road.

Now, finding a shop that specializes in car accident repair isn’t enough. Don’t settle on the first specialized shop you find.

Consider whether its mechanics are certified by an auto association, such as Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

Does the shop offer a warranty? You need assurances that your wrecked car will become roadworthy again. Without a warranty, you could make major losses if the car breaks down a few days or weeks after you leave the garage.

Get a Detailed Car Diagnostics Report

A million different things could need repairs when a car is involved in a crash. It could also be a few things, regardless of how wrecked the car looks.

As a layman, though, you won’t know this. This is why you need your repair shop to give you a comprehensive report of everything that’s wrong with the vehicle before repairs begin. You’ll have a clear picture of what needs to be done, and at what cost.

Bring Your Car Back to Life

No one ever hopes to get in a road crash, but it can happen nonetheless. If your car suffers damage and you don’t want to give up on it, it’s possible to get car accident repair. With this guide, you now know how to go about it.

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