RWD RC drift in Oahu RC Circuit in Japan! Isn’t this sentence enough for any passionate RC cars aficionado to start feeling his adrenaline rush level start boiling and going up by a second?! I’d say it is, and I surely hope that most of you, the hardcore RC cars fans would feel the same way. Because trust me, the following video that we have prepared for you today, has all the necessary and needed attributes to do all of that, and even more!

Those of you who know the Musclecarszone.com on a personal level, are well aware that although we are not specialized in the RC vehicles, every time we run upon a really cool and intriguing video, we share it with you right away. I’m talking about those clips that could make any Gearhead start feeling the blood pumping at a speed up pace! Regardless if he is deep into the RC rides, or not! It’s enough to enjoy watching the small versions of some of those American muscles, and fast as hell imports we all love, in action, to make you feel good!

And that’s exactly what you’re about to see in just a moment. I believe that there’s no need to specially emphasize that the Japanese are crazy about the RC cars. Even more when it comes to the RC drift competitions. They make the most outstanding RC versions of the real drift circuits. And when you add a bunch of Nissan GTRs, and all kinds of American muscles, classic versions and new ones to it, it’s very clear that this is one hell of a cool RC drift video!

Thus, without any further adieu, check out the video below, and fully enjoy the following 6+ minutes, of hardcore RC drift action! And if you want to see and learn something about the best RC drift cars, go to this link.