We are living in an era when the flying drones are gaining ground in almost every aspect of our lives. They are being used for various purposes from entertainment to military missions. You have seen plenty of different drones all over the Internet, but the one you are about to see is not like anything else before! It is a word of a prototype drone with four rotors i.e. quadrotor. This drone hasn’t got a technical name but it has a nickname – SHARLENE!

The technology used for the manufacturing of this item is not yet available for the public, and it will remain so for at least 10 years. One distinctive feature that separates this drone from the others is its ability to demolish things while flying. In addition, the military equipment is becoming more and more sophisticated with each and every passed day and thus the soldiers are going to need tools to handle the foe. Sharlene is such tool. This drone can fly above the action (with speed of 30 mph and ¼ mile high), around the foe and fit in narrow places. These characteristics make Sharlene to stand out from the crowd even more.

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