Deer Leap Jump Bridge Death Motorcyclist Witness 1

In this video you can see a panicked herd of deer leap off a highway bridge located in Iowa. This left the two horrified motorists in shock. This is pretty disturbing to see as the panicked deer just perish. The two witnesses in this video spotted the herd – three does and a buck – while driving along a bridge called the Cedar Rapids.

Deer Leap Jump Bridge Death Motorcyclist Witness 2

You can see the buck darting across the span of the bridge and then inexplicably jumping below which is around 25 feet drop. Unfortunately, the three does who were following the buck take the same fatal leap, leaving the two witnesses stunned. One of the witnesses, Catherine Veerhusen, stated that she never saw anything like this before. Somehow she managed to record the entire incident and posted the video to her FB page. The 2-second video had quickly gone viral accumulating more than 22M views and over 18,000 shares.

Another witness that goes by the name of Denny Benyshek told a newspaper that he first spotted the herd of deer around 200 yards away. He stated that he saw the buck leading the herd of deer when suddenly it just bolted straight east and the three little doe just followed it over.

Ron Lane who works as a conservation officer stated that the panicked herd was not familiar with that area and the new bridge. It looks like that’s the case that caused the deer leap of the bridge. One reason why the deer were so panicked and disoriented is that it’s the state’s deer hunting season.

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