This Passenger Jet Nearly Fell In The Sea 1

There are many accidents that are prior to happening whenever we go and no matter how much we pay attention to the situation. This is exactly why we take a look at many accidents that have occurred in the last couple of years. This is exactly why we take a look at this passenger jet that nearly fell in the sea. Yes, you heard it right! The footage that we see here is absolutely incredible and difficult to believe that it is true, but in fact it did happen. There were 162 passengers on the inside but luckily none of them was injured.

This Passenger Jet Nearly Fell In The Sea 2

The flight PC8622 landed in Turkey at the Trabzon Airport and it was just preparing for the passengers to come out. However, the runway was covered in ice and the passenger jet began sliding off, instead of performing a safe landing.

This Boeing 737-8000, which is owned by the Pegasus Airlines, was lucky enough to get stuck in the mud at the cliff and was just inches away from disaster. The sea just nearby and if the plane had fallen there, it would have been a major disaster.

All passengers and the crew of the plane were immediately evacuated from the scene. There is a footage which shows just how terrible and frightening the scene looked like and thanks to the mud at the cliff; all of the people who were inside were safe and sound.

A major disaster was avoided and this is exactly why runways must always be in pristine condition!