first electrified road sweden

If we take a look back just 10 years ago, there were not nearly as much awesome pieces of technology as now. People are coming up with all sorts of things, things which will make the world a better place to be. This is exactly something that was invented in Stockholm, Sweden. The world’s first electrified road is actually a reality and people are able to use it. Even though just 1.2 miles of electric rail has been installed on the road, the plans for the future are much better. The government drafted a national map of future expansion road. As by 2030, Sweden has massive plans for independence from fossil fuels. They are aiming to reduce the transport sector by massive 70%. The goal of the electrified road is really simple. It is supposed to recharge electric vehicles while they are driving.

first electrified road sweden 1

The road from Stockholm airport will be linked to the logistic site just outside Stockholm. If electric cars are able to recharge while driving, the cost of the batteries will reduce. There will be two railroad tracks embedded on the road. Via a non-fixed arm joined at the bottom of the vehicle, the battery is going to be able to recharge. However, this does not mean that electricity will be on the whole time. Namely, as soon as a vehicle gets on the road, the power turns on and the electricity flows freely. There are many highways in Sweden and this electrified road is just the beginning. It costs just over $1 to build 1.5 miles of it, which is lot cheaper than building an urban tram line. The electricity is not on the road itself. It is couple of inches below it, so there is no danger of people being injured.

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