honda civic type r hybrid

What is really fascinating about the world we live in today is the fact that there are many new technologies under development. People are pushing their limits in search for something unique. We can conclude that most of the times they succeed. The BOOM of the car technology had a major impact on the cars we see today. Thus, in this video we take a look at something really special. Namely, we take a closer look at the only hybrid that you will ever need. The Honda Civic Type R is something that looks stunning and everyone would want to take a ride in it. The guys from Orbis put much time and effort into designing it and they did an awesome job. Besides the crazy look of it, this car is also an all wheel drive. We also take a look at their motorcycle too!

honda civic type r 1

After checking out its weight, it was time to talk about its real capabilities. The Honda Civic Type R has wheels that might look strange, but are super effective. Once you combine the two rear wheels, you get a whooping 140 HP. That is just to the rear wheels! These extra 140 HP are going to make your car much, much better. Eventually this will lead the car to having a better traction, better gas mileage. But the best part about it is that it can get from 0 to 60 in one second less. These awesome improvements to the weight obviously have a lot of benefits, which obviously makes the Honda Civic Type R desirable. You can ever dial in how much power you want to the wheels, starting from 0 to 100 percent. There is not differential and not even a torque converter. How cool is that!

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