This Lady Blows Up A Wheelie Simulator - Zero Throttle Control 1

There are many accidents that can happen whenever you are out there doing something and this is why you should take great care of yourself and the people around you. However, certain people seem to intentionally push things to the limit without worrying or thinking about the consequences that might happen. Namely, if you are familiar with a wheelie simulator, then you must know how fun that might be and it is the perfect way for you to actually do a wheelie without injuring yourself or damaging an expensive bike.

This Lady Blows Up A Wheelie Simulator - Zero Throttle Control 2

However, the girl we see in this video wanted to push things to the upmost limit and make something that is going to cost thousands of dollars to fix. Namely, you should push the gas throttle a bit in order to cause the front wheel to go up in the air, this performing a wheelie.

However, this does not necessarily have to mean that you should maintain the same throttle all the time. This is exactly what this girl did and instead of having some great and fun time on this awesome wheelie simulator, she caused the machine to catch on fire.

Even though the video ends just soon after and we can assume that the girl was alright and did not have any serious injuries or burns from the fire, however the machine certainly did not go on so well.

If we ought to assume how expensive the repair is going to be, it would take substantial sum money for the fix!