Idle Speed Car Fast 1

There are many things that we want to find out about cars, thus people conduct and make various test on daily basis to give us some of the answers. If you are a fan of a manual transmission car, then you certainly must be interested into finding out what the max idle speed in fact is i.e. driving your car while shifting through your gears without using your gas pedal. Yes, this guy took his time to put this dilemma to the test and give all of the answers. He is using his six speed manual Ford Mustang GT.

Idle Speed Car Fast 2

As you would expect the test to start, the guy puts his car into first gear. Even though there is couple of cars that pass by on this lonely road, eventually he releases the clutch without pushing the gas pedal which causes his car to begin moving.

When he reaches to third gear, the car moves at around 10mp/h, which is in fact very low. Then he moves up to fourth gear, thus causing the idle speed to rise up to couple of miles more.

When he finally switches to sixth gear, the car barely reaches 16mp/h, which means that this 435 HP monster was barely moving at over 15mp/h at sixth gear.

Even though this test might not prove anything in particular, at least now you know what the max idle speed really is. There is always something new to learn about cars and the way they work!

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