Water Garbage Cleaner Pollution Trash Skimmer 1

We live in a time where the Earth and the society are faced with some of the greatest pollution problems ever. Even though there have been some initiatives done over the years, nothing significantly has changed. However, all of that might come to an end hence we introduce you the water garbage cleaner. The only machine that the authorities will ever need to put an end to this never-ending and ever-growing problem of water pollution. This machine is so simple in functionality, yet it can do so much more.

Water Garbage Cleaner Pollution Trash Skimmer 2

The process of how this water garbage cleaner works is pretty simple. There is a big metal rotating belt which one end is submerged in the water. This enables for it to grab and push the garbage from the water onto the ship, garbage such as plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags and more. It means that you can clean large areas of water without even doing any manual labor. You only have to steer the ship to the right direction.

But, to make this video even better and even more amazing, we take a look at yet another design of the same principle of scooping the garbage. Yes, we take a look at a machine that is even bigger than the first one, but it still works just the same and it is able of cleaning large polluted water surface.

What do you think, should every authority that is facing with the same problem have one of these amazing water garbage cleaners?

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