2019 Ford Ranger Will Amaze You 22

Over the years there has been just couple of vehicles that we had really wanted to see as soon as we heard that they will be undergoing production. Sometimes, it took more than dozens of years until the car rolled out from the production line, but at the end, it was all worth it. As we all know, Ford has always been making some incredible trucks that had no limits as to where they could do, and the long-expected 2019 Ford Ranger is finally here after all these years of waiting.

Long Expected 2019 Ford Ranger Back 2

To be precise, it took whooping 8 years until this beast if yet again in production and one thing is for sure, you are all going to love it. It was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show and this guy takes us through all of the crucial things that we need to know about it.

Even though it is quite different than its predecessor, it has still maintained that furious look. The aerodynamics of the 2019 Ford Ranger is crucial and the designers really put great effort into it.

The grill is much wider and there are channels that go all across the vehicle. Interior-wise, you are going to be looking into a super clean and well-organized base. Everything that you would expect from a new vehicle from, you are going to find it in the 2019 Ford Rabger.

The quirks and features just keep on coming so make sure to go through each and every second from this awesome video!

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