Cool Car Gadgets You Need To See 1

Did you know that having extra gadgets and accessories in your car enhances your driving experience and the comfort of your passengers? If you didn’t know, now you do. Other than these two benefits, the car gadgets and accessories in your car also help to modernize your automobile. So, what are the gadgets that you should have in your car? Honestly, there are so many of them that you might run out of options when you want to pick a specific gadget or accessory for your automobile. However, there are a few must-have gadgets that you should consider when you want to get one for your vehicle.

Cool Car Gadgets You Need To See 2

We will be looking at some of the gadgets and accessories you should have in your car. A general rule when picking a gadget for your car is to pick one based on how much you need it.

Without wasting much time, let’s get down to business.

Gadget #1: Phone Mount/Holder

Question: where do you put your phone as soon as you get in the car? Let me guess; you usually put it between your laps or in the armrest box. And if your car doesn’t have the armrest box, you might end up throwing the phone in the glove box. But think for a moment: what if someone calls you or you want to check the direction to a specific place, wouldn’t it give you too much work to look for the phone?

Now, think about how convenient it would be to have the phone at your disposal in a place that it’s easily accessible (not between your laps). How relieving is that?

A car mount for phones will ideally help you with that. With this mount, you can fix it on your dashboard near the AC ventilation, which will then hold your phone upright. This way, you can control your phone and access it as freely as you wish.

Some mounts will have a magnetic round surface, which will hold on tightly to your phone. The only issue is that your phone must have a metallic back. But the best option is to have a mount with inserts to place your phone without the need for a magnet to hold it securely. But ensure that you get a mount that can comfortably hold your phone firmly.

Gadget #2: Dash Cam

You might be thinking, ‘who needs a dash cam when I have my eyes to see the road?’ A wise driver, that’s who. You might think that a dash cam is worthless, but it honestly plays a considerable role. These are cameras that are installed on the dashboard of a car. However, some can be mounted on the rear-view mirror.

While a dash cam won’t exactly offer you protection to your physicality, they can help you in capturing the footage of the road. You see, sometime you might be driving then a careless driver speeds past you, and you accidentally bump into them. Also, a motorist may be driving on the wrong side of the road, and you have a head-on accident. In these two scenarios, you may not be the one at fault. But not everyone would be honest and take full responsibility.

That is why a dash camera will help to show what happened and who was at fault. But that’s not the only reason for getting one. Here are other reasons for getting a dash cam.

Gadget #3: Trash Can

Yes, this has nothing to do with technology, but it has everything to do with keeping your car clean. Obviously, it will not magically suck up the dirt in your vehicle, but it is what you need to keep those bottles, wrappers, or any other dirty stuff out of your car.

I know, you might wonder how it is installed in the car. The good news is that it doesn’t involve too much work. Instead, it comes with two stands that will clip onto the floor mat. You will then place the trash can to slide over the two clips and remain in a stable position. From there, you can use a trash bag to insert in the can and hold it with a band from the trash can manufacturers.

Gadget #4: Radio Transmitter

Honestly, who doesn’t want to listen to music in the car? Better yet, how about following your favorite radio station as you drive and wait in the traffic jam? With an FM transmitter, you can make that happen. What makes it different from your standard car radio is that this one comes with a Bluetooth receiver (for making calls too), a USB port, and some will have an LCD screen.

All you have to do is plug the transmitter into your car’s charging port, and it will be up and running. They come with a remote control for easy accessibility.

If you and your family regularly travel around the country to embark on off-road outdoor adventures, you probably go on a lot of long drives to get to your destination. Long car trips can be fun, but they can be a hassle too if you get stuck in heavy traffic. Getting a CB radio for your truck or jeep will allow you to communicate with other drivers with CB radios on the road and catch updates on traffic situations. This will help you avoid heavy traffic areas and increase safety.

Gadget #5: Car Jump Starter

If you know well about cars, you should understand the need for a jump starter. Gone are the days when you had to wait for the next car that is passing to give you a jump. Today, you can enjoy this portable gadget that will perfectly jump start your car when it dies. But that’s not all; the jump starter also works as a backup power source.

Suppose you have gone on a road trip or camping, you can use the car jump starter to charge your devices. Luckily, it is small enough and easily portable. This is definitely one of the must-have accessories for your car.

If you‘ve never done it, here is how to jump-start a car safely.

Gadget #6: Multi-Functional Portable Car Seat Tray

Are you a workaholic who never likes wasting time doing nothing in the car? If you are, this car seat tray should be for you. Instead of sitting in the car waiting for the traffic jam to start flowing, you can set this tray up and start doing some work-stuff. Plus, it can even be used for eating, especially if you don’t want to mess up your clothes.

This tray can be hooked to the driver or co-driver car seat or even on the steering wheel. Either way, it offers an amazing ‘table’ for working or eating.

These are just a few gadgets and accessories that you should have in your car. You can always follow the best reviews guide to help you find the best gadgets to get for your automobile. Don’t forget to choose one based on how much you need it.