This Is How Police Officers Check If You Are Wearing Seat Belts 1

Being a driver, you have to pay attention to many things that go on the street. Danger is always lurking around the corner and a super fast reaction can be the difference between life and death. Respecting all the rules and not getting yourself involved in some troubles is crucial. However, there are some drivers that do not think the same and they make the simplest of mistakes, such as forgetting to put their seat belts. The police is always out there watching you and in the video we see just how a police officer deals with those drivers.

This Is How Police Officers Check If You Are Wearing Seat Belts 2

Namely, we take a look at this dash cam footage from a guy that will never forget to put his seat belt on ever again. Even though it might seem like not much is happening in the video, we see a police car with a single police officer on the inside.

Just in front of an intersection, the car slows down immediately even though there were not cars on that lane. The driver behind the police car did not at first what was going on, but he soon realized that the police officer was up to something.

He was constantly turning his head left and right and was looking for drivers who were not wearing their seat belts.

Eventually, the driver in the VW was the car that got pulled over immediately. So, the next time you think that wearing a seat belt is something not necessary, think of this video!