5 Considerations When Moving Interstate 3

Moving Interstate can leave you with a combination of feelings ranging from fear, frustration, anticipation, excitement, exhaustion, and stress which comes as no surprise because moving your family to another State is a significant decision and a gigantic lifestyle change. But you don’t have to feel overwhelmed if you implement a few practical measures to make the process a little easier on you.

5 Considerations When Moving Interstate 1

  1. Plan ahead

It is always better to be organized as opposed to not preparing at all. Take inventory of all the stuff that you’ll be taking with you and decide on which items you’re planning to sell, throw away or donate. Make sure you’re taking all expenses into account when you’re planning your budget and leave a little room for any unforeseen expenses due to timeframe changes or a higher number of items.

  1. Packing

Packing your possessions can become a daunting task but if it is done systematically and with care, it can prevent you from running into trouble in the long-run. Before you start packing, make sure you’ve gotten rid of all the unwanted items that you are not going to take along. The less things that needs to be moved, the more cost-effective the overall expense will be.

  1. Hiring The Right Interstate Removalists

Making sure that you are using the right interstate furniture removalists in Canberra can be highly beneficial. When making the decision on who you will be hiring, it is worthy to consider that the cheapest company may not necessary be the right guys for the job. Companies that offer cheaper rates sometimes provide lower quality of service. It is of the essence to think about these factors:

  • How your possessions are packed and transported
  • How many fragile, large or special items needs to be moved
  • Whether your goods are insured in case of unexpected issues
  1. Insurance

A professional interstate moving company will have the necessary expertise to move your possessions as safely and securely as possible, but with a heavy load and a great distance that needs to be traveled, not everything is guaranteed. Taking out moving insurance may be a vital step when you’re moving to another State for extra peace of mind.

5 Considerations When Moving Interstate 2

  1. Notifying All Parties

While friends and family are usually the first ones to be aware of the big move, it is imperative to notify authorities to prevent any issues when you’ve settled in your new location. Moving interstate is different from just moving to another suburb or town therefore you need to make a few extra arrangements.

Make sure your change of address is given through to:

  • Utility companies (water, gas & electricity companies)
  • Landline / Mobile / Internet service providers
  • Australian post (arrange for packages and mail to be redirected to your new address)
  • Bank
  • Insurance providers for home and contents
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Car registration, licensing and insurance
  • Medical aid service provider
  • Australian electoral commission
  • Local council
  • Newspaper/magazine subscriptions and loyalty programs
  • Pet microchip registry
  • Schools (you’ll need to get a transfer certificate from your child’s current school before contacting the new school)