Lego Engine Blew Up at High RPM 1

Many awesome things have been done over these past couple of years when it comes to cars and engines, and we can all hope that in the future this is going to be a trend that everyone will follow. People are now able to make just about any car part that you would need out of material that no one thought that it could be possible. To prove that this theory is in fact true, we take a look at this awesome mini Lego engine that get absolutely blown up by the massive RPM. So what had actually happened?

Lego Engine Blew Up at High RPM 2

Well, this guy wanted to find out how actually powerful that mini Lego engine is and he planned out the whole test perfectly, however he made a big mistake. Yes, we do not get the chance to see at the actual numbers of the RPM, at the same moment when the engine blew up.

Nonetheless, taking a look at this awesome test is really worth it. Second by second, the Lego engine began to gain great speed and soon after, it moved so rapidly that it began to shake and wobble.

The pistons seems to have been working just perfectly until, all of a sudden, it blew up, thus causing many pieces to fly all over the room.

However, the best part about the video is watching the slow motion of it; hence you can clearly see what is actually going on. Also, we see two such engines in action!