Another Reason Why You Should Love Manual Transmission Cars 1

What a better way to start your day than listening to a story that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and wonder how crazy people can actually be. The time that we live in is really dangerous and this is especially true if you live in a troublesome neighborhood. Thieves are constantly searching for their next victim and it seems that elderly people are the easiest target. This 70 years old lady experienced exactly that, but at the end she was the one laughing, all thanks to manual transmission cars.

Love Manual Transmission Cars 2

Namely, Nancy, the name of the woman, was taking out something from her trunk when couple of thieves approached her with a gun pointed at her head. In a frantic attempt to save her own life, she handed them the keys of the car, but was absolutely shocked by what they did later.

Instead of driving away with the car immediately, they had some troubles with the stick shift. They did not know how manual transmission cars work! Even Nancy’s neighbors found this funny.

With the help of a surveillance camera, all of the thieves can be seen running away from the car; hence they were the only ones that did not find this funny.

All thanks to fingerprints from the stick shift, the police are going to be able to catch the thieves soon after, which is something really ironic and dumb. This just might be one of the best reasons why you should own manual transmission cars!

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