_8 Ways to Increase Your Visibility When Motorbiking 1

If you ride a motorcycle, you know how important it is to stay safe. It is harder for regular vehicles to see you, which means you must drive defensively. While this is true, there are also steps you can take to improve your overall visibility while motorbiking. Keep reading to learn what these tips are. While you know wearing certain safety gear like a helmet and mtb goggles is a good start, there are other steps you must take, as well. Keep reading to learn what these are.

_8 Ways to Increase Your Visibility When Motorbiking 2

1. Purchase a Brightly Colored Motorcycle

You are already at a disadvantage when riding a motorcycle. This is because bikes are small and accelerate and decelerate faster than most drivers are used to. This makes them more difficult to see and harder to gauge how far away they are.

A darker-colored motorcycle makes this worse. Choose a brighter color for your motorcycle, which will help ensure you are seen.

2. Wear Safety Gear That Is Easy to See

Along with a brightly colored bike, it is a good idea to wear brightly colored safety gear. Choose vests and helmets that are high visibility orange or yellow. This is going to ensure drivers can see you, which reduces the chances they will hit you.

3. Purchase Reflective Tape

Reflective tape can increase the visual footprint of your motorcycle. It is a good idea to put this tape on the front of the forks and on any other part of the motorcycle that is not close to a source of light. While reflective tape is not useful during the daytime hours, it can be quite beneficial at night.

4. Avoid Blind Spots

If a driver can’t see you, it puts you in a dangerous situation. Be sure to avoid blind spots. While this may not be always possible, take steps to avoid these areas as much as possible.

5. Use the Brakes

Use the brakes to make sure people behind you know what is going on. If you tap your brakes quickly, it will turn the brake lights into a huge blinker. This also helps ensure you are visible.

6. Turn the High Beams On

Unlike traditional high beams on passenger vehicles, you can keep your motorcycle high beams on all the time without causing other drivers. This is a good way to ensure your motorcycle is visible while on the road.

7. Install Auxiliary Lights

Auxiliary lights will work similarly to the reflective tape. These provide the additional benefit of working all the time. You can also install them on the front and the back of your bike.

8. Use the Horn

While horns can be a nuisance and are commonly used when someone is annoyed, they can also be beneficial when it comes to staying safe. A rider should use the horn if they feel like they are in danger.

When it comes to staying safe while riding a motorcycle, there are more than a few factors to consider. By knowing how to ensure a rider is more visible, it is possible to minimize issues and ensure that an accident is avoided. This is the best way to minimize injuries or other issues that may arise from a motorcycle accident. Being informed is the best way to stay safe while on the road.