This Man Built His Own Lego Ferrari Car 1

One of the many things that social media and the internet have enabled us is the opportunity to share amazing ideas and DIY creations from people worldwide. Some of the things that we come across are absolutely stunning and they serve as inspiration to many people in tough times. Hereby, if you are looking for a video that has these elements, search no more. We present you what could possibly be the best stop motion video that we have seen in a long time. Namely, this Lego man built his own lego Ferrari completely out of Lego pieces.

This Man Built His Own Lego Ferrari Car 2

All of the pieces that are required for the built are placed on the board and the Lego man starts putting them together piece by piece. It is a slow process and everything has to be done carefully. The stop motion enabled this guy to create something utterly amazing.

Half way through the video, the lego Ferrari begins to take its basic shape and the Lego man does not stop. He just keeps on going and going until the car is finally complete.

The ingenuity in this video is awesome and the best part about it is probably the attention to small details and peculiar features of the mini Ferrari. The windshield and the four wheels are the last pieces to the puzzle and once they are on, the Ferrari is complete.

Our Lego man even gets inside the car and takes it out for a spin, which is how this awesome video ends!