Steampunk Mechanical Chariot Robot 1

There are many awesome and cool gadgets that people have come up with over the years and checking out some of them is always fun and interesting. Whenever you come across the word chariot, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is those big wooden ones in which two horses pull it. However, with the advancement of technology people are coming up with amazing ideas. Hereby, we take a look at something utterly unusual, something that we have not come across, a steampunk mechanical chariot!

Steampunk Mechanical Chariot Robot 11

Yes, you heard it right. This steel version of a chariot is fully functional and the guy in this video takes us through how it works. But if you thought that a steel version of it simply cannot be attractive, take a good look at it and think twice.

There is a horse that is made completely out of steel and instead of having real organs; there is a mechanical coupling that helps it to move. Once you see this steampunk mechanical chariot in operation, you are going to instantly wish to have a ride in it.

The horse can be steered to left or right by using handles that are located exactly where the person is sitting. Even though there are only two mechanical legs, the horse looks absolutely awesome and it is something that we have not seen so far.

It is purely a unique design and we would love to see one in operation around our city!