6 Tips On Negotiating A Mercedes Lease 2

If you’re able to get a sweet deal, leasing a Mercedes is an excellent choice. But how do you negotiate your car lease to get the best deal possible? There are several factors you need to consider and steps to take. Remember, car leasing can be complicated, and it’s quite different from auto-buying. The process might be a little confusing and challenging, but the tips below will help you secure a great Mercedes lease deal.

6 Tips On Negotiating A Mercedes Lease 1

1. Do Your Homework

Before you head to your car dealer’s shop for a car lease, you should first do your homework. Consider why you’d rather lease a car instead of buying one. Create a list that would include the features you want in the car, as well as your budget for it. Try to research about the best car dealer to approach. Determine your potential dealer’s asking price, so you know where to start haggling the price from. It’s also crucial to know the worth of the car. 

By knowing its worth (total cost), you’ll know how best to negotiate the price. Also, be on the lookout for dealers with discounts and other bonuses. You also need to decide if you’ll go with a buyout or purchase price option. These will enable you to approach the negotiation table with a clear picture of the outcome you want to see. Mercedes car dealers like https://www.rodo.com/lease-or-buy-new-mercedes can offer you the best deals for your lease.

2. Negotiate As Though You’re Buying A Car

You should know how to negotiate your Mercedes car lease to get the best out of the deal. It helps to negotiate the sale price downward as though you’re buying the car. There are two opinions concerning how to negotiate the lease. 

Some people advise that you let the car dealer know early that you want to lease the car. They believe this will enable your dealer to figure out the best prices to suit your budget without wasting your time. In contrast, other people believe that you shouldn’t let the dealers know that you want the car on a lease. Instead, you should first negotiate the car like you want to buy it off their hands and only notify them of your lease plan after the price haggle. You just go with what works best for you. 

An additional tip concerning the negotiation is to offer a specific price at the end of the negotiation instead of telling them to help you with the prices. Without offering a specific price, you’d be left at their mercy, and they’ll most likely give you a price higher than what you had anticipated. At that point, there’d be nothing you can do because the haggling phase would already be over.  

3. Know What You Want

This tip is related to point one and two above. If you don’t know what you want, anything can just be offered to you, and you’ll take it. Of course, you already know you want a Mercedes, but there are still a lot of options to choose from. 

What particular type and model do you want? What is your budget for it? What would best suit your needs? You should know all these before heading to the dealer’s shop; else, you might get exploited. Why? Without knowing what you want down to the last detail, the salesperson would see you as open to whatever car and price they hand to you. Also, you’d get easily persuaded. 

You might not even be fully satisfied with what you settled for. This is why you should put serious thought into it and conduct thorough research before making your decision. Your car is an essential part of you; you shouldn’t settle for just anything or any price. 

4. Get Quotes Ahead Of Time

Before going physically to the dealer’s shop for negotiation, get a quote. The quote will shorten the time you’ll spend at the dealer’s shop, trying to get the perfect lease deal. Also, it’d make it more difficult for any salesperson to persuade you to settle for anything you didn’t plan to get in the first place. 

Thanks to the digitalization, you don’t have to go down there first before you get a quote. Most dealers have websites where you can easily get quotes before you appear physically. You can also get quotes from different dealers online to compare and contrast their specs. After comparing them, you can now choose the most suitable dealer. 

5. Bring A Better Negotiator Along

Do you feel confident about your negotiation skills? Will you be able to stand firm in the face of high-level persuasion and sweet-talking? Are you strong enough to not feel intimidated during the negotiation? If you think you don’t have that capacity, you should take along someone who can handle the negotiation better. You can take along a friend, co-worker, or family better who’d handle the situation better that you. This will reduce the risk of you settling for something you didn’t quite plan due to sweet-talk trickery. Also, it’d ensure that you don’t get short-changed in the course of the negotiation. You companion can also check out the car a second time to be sure it’s worth the value it’s being leased for. 

6. Be Ready To Walk Out

If the negotiation isn’t going the way you anticipated, don’t be afraid to work out. Yeah, you might be afraid to lose the sweet deal that is already in the works, but try not to get yourself short-changed. Most likely, the salesperson would panic when you make a move to leave. 

In the process, a better deal might be offered to you, or the salesperson might still beg you to stay. Whatever you decide on, only you get to make the final decision. Think it through before you decide to walk out. The deal might already be good as it is, and you might not find a better one. 


If you want to get the best for your Mercedes lease, you should go about it the right way. From doing your homework to being ready to walk out if need be, there’s so much you can do to ensure you aren’t cheated during the negotiation process. Now that you have the key tips above, get out there and get your sweet ride alongside a sweet lease deal to go with it.