John Bo Duke Schneiders Dodge Charger General Lee Up FOR SALE 1

Whenever we come across a vehicle that has been restored to mere perfection and is in mint condition, we would simply love to sit back, take a look at it and admire its true beauty. There are certain cars that are extremely rare and valuable, but it seems that nothing can get better than a true piece of American beauty, a muscle car that not many cars can top off. Of course we are talking about the one and only, the legendary Dodge Charger General Lee that was made back in 1969.

John Bo Duke Schneiders Dodge Charger General Lee Up FOR SALE 2

As all of you already know, this legendary bright orange color car with its recognizable number on the doors and the flag on the top played the hot roll in the awesome movie, Dukes of Hazzard, where many such cars were used and destroyed.

However, this specific Dodge Charger General Lee that we see here was once owned by the legendary John Schneider, or better known as Bo Duke, is currently up for sale and it is certainly a car that every collector would want to have in his collection whatsoever.

All of the original parts in the car were returned and even though it failed to sell at an auction back in 2015 for massive $200,000, the owners do not plan on stopping here.

Namely, this Dodge Charger General Lee is going to be involved in yet another auction and all that we can do is to hope that this time everything will go on as planned!

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