Most Brutally Honest Car Dealership Ads 2

When it comes to selling a car or simply putting and advertisement of any type, we usually tend to tell it’s only its perfect traits and features. This is especially true with dealerships hence in all of their ads that they post, only the impressive features about the cars are listed, thus meaning that when you actually go to see the car, you are going to be absolutely disgusted by its true condition. However, these car dealership ads have recently went absolutely viral, and surely with a reason.

Most Brutally Honest Car Dealership Ads 1

Namely, this dealership makes one of the most honest, if not the most honest, ads that you have ever seen when it comes to the sale of cars. Every little flaw and every angle of the car in its true condition is photographed and they are not bothered into fooling you.

What is even better about their ads is the fact that people actually loved this idea and this dealership’s sales have increased by a lot ever since they first posted them. Yes, people fell for these car dealership ads way more than the ones that they see every day of cars that are seemingly perfect.

Namely, the dealership wanted to sell a rusty 14 years old car that had over 200,000 miles, and they did it with style. To everyone’s surprise, it took just 24 hours before the car was sold.

After all, it seems that this honest advertising might pay off and some of the other companies might use it.

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