Things have changed a lot in the last couple of decades, especially from the last century, and many new innovations and concepts have been made lately. However, the concept of how futuristic vehicles are going to look like, have been around since forever. Hereby, the retro design you see in this video has been actually combined with modern technology and old cars, thus making a reality. Yes, the design you see in the video has had the inspiration from the 1920s and it is called the Hover Coupe. It is in fact a futuristic flying car.

The designers and innovators of this time have massive expectations about the future and this retro design is here to prove all of that. Indeed, the car really does look futuristic but it had been inspired by a common car from the 1920s.

There are four massive turbines, which help the vehicle to lift up and stay in mid air, that have replaced the normal tires. The body is made from carbon fiber and it is extremely lightweight.

Once in full throttle, the car can go at max speed of 342mp/h. The car is going to be extremely versatile and maneuverable; hence it has the look of a drone but the function of a car-plane.

There are adjustable flaps below the chassis which will stabilize the vehicle during operation i.e. staying in mid air. The Hover Coupe can perform vertical take-offs and landings. What an amazing retro design!