You Can Move This Mercedes E Class With Your Mobile App 2

We live in a modern time where the technology is so advanced that it is sometimes difficult to keep in touch with the latest of it. This is especially true with the car industry and this year has been a magnificent one for the car manufacturers. Many amazing breakthroughs have been made and many companies have launched utterly unique features on their cars. Hereby, we take a look at what this Mercedes E Class is actually capable of. You will no longer have to worry about getting stuck on a parking lot.

You Can Move This Mercedes E Class With Your Mobile App 1

To many of us it has happened at least once in our lives to get stuck in a parking lot by two other vehicles that are blocking the doors. It is a really annoying situation and the only way to move your car is to wait for the other owners of the cars to come back.

However, this problem was finally put to an end by Mercedes and we see just how. Namely, the Mercedes E Class is capable of moving front for couple of inches simply by using your smart phone.

Yes, connect your car via Bluetooth and you can get away without any problems from this annoying situation. With a simple press of a button, the Mercedes E Class moves up front just enough so you could easily get in it.

This is really something that can be really useful for many drivers in the future and we cannot wait for every car to have it!