Truck Owner Sent Tyler Winston A Message 1

People say that you can become a hero in just matter of minutes if you are brave enough to take the risk of putting your own life to the line. The year of 2017 has been a turbulent one and besides all of the great things that have happened, there were some that absolutely anyone would want to forget. One such event surely was the Las Vegas mass shooting in which many people had lost their lives. However, as most of you already know, if it was not for Tyler Winston many more would have probably lost their lives.

Truck Owner Sent Tyler Winston A Message 2

Yes, his heroic act of taking a truck that was parked just nearby and driving dozens and dozens of injured people at the scene to the nearest hospital warmed the hearts of many. Even though the truck was not his, it was because of that very same vehicle that some people live.

Hereby, we take a look at the surprising message that Tyler Winston got from the truck owner once he managed to contact him. As it can be seen from the message, he admires the great deed that the Tyler did but also says that he only wants his keys to his truck.

Tyler’s immediate response was that he actually had the keys and that they could meet up somewhere to hand them over. Moreover, he even has the tool box that was there in the truck before he decided to take it out as so he could take more people to the nearest hospital!

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