V8 Formula 1 Engine Screams At 19000 RPM 1

The fact that the Gearhead senses are much more sensitive and demanding makes it so great! You don`t just go and fall for every engine sound you hear. You want only the good stuff, right? Check this V8 FORMULA 1 Engine! Well, we have got something for you that will blow your mind and please your ears and soul! The motor heard in this video is definitely some F1 engine sound and we have been proven many times, those are the high peaks in their sphere. To be honest, we do not own too much information about the power plant. To be honest once more, you do not need them! This sound is frickin’ AWESOME.

V8 Formula 1 Engine Screams at 19000 RPM 11

The music this thing provides was recorded on a simulated F1 lap, probably. The F1 engine sound stuns as all as it hits 19,000 RPM! Now you would expect for an engine hitting 19,000 to struggle a little bit.

But not this one. This one acts the same at 10,000 and 19,000 RPM – no problem is given! That`s the kind of video that you want to watch over and over again. Or, maybe you listen to this one? Who knows. Just go below and enjoy the sweet sound of a V8 F1 Engine sound!

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