Koenigsegg Regera Crash Test Endurance Testing Abuse 1

Certain people seem to enjoy watching videos in which cars get destroyed over and over again. However, there are some which are absolutely taken aback by it due to the fact that they feel sorry for them, which is partially true. Hereby, if you are one of those who find pleasure in it, this video is just the one for you. Namely, this Koenigsegg gets absolutely destroyed. However, do not worry. Nobody was actually hurt hence this was just a crash test performed by the Swedish company to celebrate $1 million followers on Instagram. Koenigsegg Regera Crash Test.

Koenigsegg Model Car Regera Crashed 2

Yes, for the company this was a massive milestone and they said that it was time to celebrate it with style. Namely, they took a black Regara and prepared it for action. Yes, they took one of the just 80 such cars ever made. To make matters worse, the Regara is estimated to be worth at around $2 million.

However, this Koenigsegg had an unfortunate destiny. We get the chance to see what type of damage the car gets by those furious crashes in a concrete wall and getting absolutely slammed by a hammer. However, this crash test was not done purely to celebrate their awesome milestone.

Namely, through these tests, the guys from the Swedish company can now come up with better ways to improve the safety of their cars, which is one of the most important features that every customer wants. It was not pointless after all!

Finally, check out the Koenigsegg Regera crash test & read more about the Regera, here!