How Does The Clutch Work 1

There are many awesome videos that you can come across on the internet where you can learn a lot of things about the way cars work and how some of their parts operate. Hereby, if you have been looking for a video that is going to give you all the answers on the way a manual transmission’s clutch and the clutch pedal work, this is your chance to learn everything. We take a look at an in-depth explanation, as well as the basic way the clutch works. You will be amazed at how simple it actually is!

How Does The Clutch Work 2

The clutch pedal is one of three pedals that you are going to find in your manual transmission cars. But do you know how does it work? Well, first of all we need to take a look at how the engine and the transmission work together and make the car move by transferring the energy to the wheels.

This is where we take a look at what is happening inside the transmission. Its mechanism has to work perfectly and whenever you need to shift a gear, the power flow has to be discontinued, thus meaning that you need to shut the engine off.

This is why the clutch was invented i.e. for the help of you shifting through the gears without even turning the engine off.

Yes, it enables for the power to flow right through it whenever you push the clutch pedal and shift through the gears!