Meet The Mighty Plastic Welding Machine 1

Coming up with cool machines which can solve some difficult and unwanted problems is something fairly common these days. This is exactly why we take a look at unbelievable videos on daily basis, videos which show just how perfect they operate once they are in action. A puncture or a broken plastic pipe means that you would have to immediately change it, which can cost quite a lot. However, the solution to this problem is here and we take a look at the plastic welding machine that does its work with ease.

Meet The Mighty Plastic Welding Machine 2

Yes, this is something that engineers managed to make and it will make the job of fixing a broken plastic tube very easy. What is even better about this video is that we take a look at the plastic welding machine in action and a neat demonstration to convince us that it indeed works great.

First of all, the machine makes some precision cuts at both ends of the tube, just so it could weld them together nicely. Once this is done, the metal part of it is placed over the part where the weld should be made and by using immense heat that is produced inside the core of the metal, the plastic ends simply bond together.

It takes some time after for the plastic piece to cool down a bit and in just matter of minutes, the tube is welded together.

There is couple of more other demonstrations and in each one of them, the machine works perfectly!