Man Feeds The Homeless With A Rented Food Truck 2

As we are approaching the holiday’s season, we all like to take a look at amazing and cheerful stories; stories that will make us feel safe and sound at least for a moment. Hereby, we take a look at this amazing deed that a man from Waterbury does even way before the holidays are here. Namely, Jaspal Singh, as the name of this generous man is gifts and feeds the homeless in the community with a rented food truck. Yes, he does this every Saturday and Sunday between 4pm and 6pm.

Man Feeds The Homeless With A Rented Food Truck 1

He has been living in Waterbury for about five years and has opened a small business. Singh feels the urge to give back something to the people, to the ones who are not able to feed themselves. He rents a food truck from Frankie’s Hot Dog King and does not plan on stopping, at least not until the holiday season is over.

Moreover, he has future plans for his community. Besides giving them free food, Singh also plans on giving each and every homeless man a blanket to get through the winter. He says that he wants to just about anything possible to feed those who go to bed hungry, there is nothing nobler for him than that. Seeing those people smile yet once again is his goal and noting can stop or stand on his way.

What do you think, should this become a tradition in which each city or neighborhood is going to have a food truck for free food?