Is This Sitting Position In A Car Collision Lethal 1

There have been many, many dilemmas that have been going on for quite a while now. Many people actually did some research and put some theories to the test in a search for the most sufficient answer. One such show surely is MythBusters. We enjoyed watching them over and over again and in this video we take a look at something every car fan would want to see. Namely, we take a look at whether a car collision while you feet are on the dashboard is in fact lethal, or not. You will be surprised by the answers!

Is This Sitting Position In A Car Collision Lethal 2

Yes, Jon Lund and Brian Louden decided to put an end to this every-lasting dilemma. They run couple of different tests as so their answer to be as accurate and efficient as possible. First, they did a test at a low speed with the dummy’s feet on the dashboard and as it can be seen from the slow motion video, the injuries on the legs were extremely bad.

Further on, they did not stop here and wanted to see what is going to happen at a real car collision. Thus they took some old cars, set everything in place and used a bone dummy to see the actual injuries.

After the test was finished, they put the dummy onto an x-ray machine and even though the injuries were in fact very bad and there were some horrible fractures, this is an accident that is in fact survivable.

Now you know something more!