Eminems Daughter Parks On Two parking spots At Ft Lauderdale Florida 2

We live in a world of social injustice and class inequality. It is a world where certain people are born with a famous background which somehow entitles them to act differently. They often act rude, not obeying the law since they know they have some sort of special immunity. Regular people, on the other hand, lack this immunity but don’t seem to mind that some people have more rights than them just because they were born in a different house. This parking spots issue depicts the issue in whole.

Eminems Daughter Parks On Two parking spots At Ft Lauderdale Florida 1

The fact that people don’t mind that they are underrated is proven by the fact how popular all the reality TV shows are, or how Trump’s daughter can have a broken heel and everyone would want to see it.

In this video, we have a spoiled kid who seems to be able to drive a Ford Mustang that’s bigger than some people’s apartment, but is not able to park it like a human being. This kid, in fact, seems to be Eminem’s daughter, sadly.

The American rapper often sings of equality and wishes all people to be the same but his daughter is the one braking the rules. A “normal” man decided to film the whole situation and told her to park like all the other cars so she does not have trouble with the police or anyone else.

She somehow thought that mentioning her family would make things better. So, she goes: Do you know which my family is? Hmm… No. The occupying parking spots family?!

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