Emergency Landing Without Landing Gear 1

If you are a type of person who simply does not like flying and is utterly afraid by it, the video you are about to see here is guaranteed to give you chills. Namely, accidents are sometimes inevitable to happen and no matter how much we pay attention to every detail, there is a mechanism that is going to fail whatsoever. Hereby, if you have ever wanted to see how an emergency landing looks on a plane that the landing gear failed to deploy, this is the perfect chance for you to find out.

Emergency Landing Without Landing Gear 2

Yes, there are many shows which depict how certain aircraft accidents have happened, but all of them are just recreations and we cannot see the actual video. However, this raw footage gives us every single answer.

Namely, due to the fact that the landing gear of the place had failed, the pilot had to perform an emergency landing. This is an extremely dangerous maneuver, but he just simply had to make it. Luckily, the plane was small and there were not a lot of people inside.

The pilot slowly approached the runway and inch by inch, managed to lower down the plane, while at the same time shooting massive amount of sparks from the back. It eventually caught on fire but the firefighters were ready and rushed to the scene to put the fire out.

All of the crew members and the people inside managed to get away without any injuries thanks to the heroic act of the pilot!