Steve McQueens Legendary Bullitt Ford Mustang - Found At Last 111

If we ought to say which our favorite racing movie really is, we would never be able to say it hence we have watched some utterly incredible classics. It is exactly due to those awesome movies that some of us fell in love with cars in the first place, thus those movies really grew to our hearts. There are many legendary races that we have been through but it seems that there is only one which can be recognized by absolutely anyone. Of course we are talking about the one where Steve McQueen ruled the streets of San Francisco with his awesome Bullitt Ford Mustang.

Steve McQueens Legendary Bullitt Ford Mustang - Found At Last 2

Yes, many of you will recognize that legendary scene and of the crazy things that have been going on there. It was an absolute beast on the road and everyone loved it. However, all of a sudden and without anyone’s knowledge, the car had simply disappeared and it seemed that it was gone forever.

Nobody knew anything about it and it simply grew to be a great mystery. However, 50 years later, it is time to find out the real answer and see what had really happened to this car and who actually owns it.

Well, it turned out that the car was in an ownership of a family for a long time, but they were too afraid to tell everyone that they in fact owned it; hence many were crazy about it.

It is a real pleasure and enjoyment to see that the awesome Bullitt Ford Mustang actually still exists!