This Bright Light Amazed Californians After Space X Rocket Launch 2

If you are the type of person who is very much interested into checking out some unbelievable and amazing stories, then you are at the right place. We take you through something that might have never been seen before. This mysterious bright light gave chills and amazed everyone at Palm Springs, California. Many people were astonished by the sight but they soon realized that this all happened due to the recently launched SpaceX rocket from Santa Barbara. This gives us all the answers.

This Bright Light Amazed Californians After Space X Rocket Launch 2

But even though we exactly know what the source of this bright light really is, this surely does not diminish the fact that the sight was absolutely spectacular and as we can see from the short video, everyone stopped by to have a look. This is not something that takes place each day, thus the significance of it surely is big.

The media went absolutely crazy and flooded the readers with some unbelievable stories. To make this situation even much better, we quote what Elon Musk shared on his Twitter account, “nuclear alien UFO from North Korea”.

Even he stared at the amazing bright light for a while and was absolutely amazed by it. If you have not been familiar with the SpaceX project so far, then you have been missing some of the most amazing things.

If this video does not get you interested in, then nothing will. What an amazing and very uncommon thing to see these days, thus we must appreciate its true beauty!